The end of the school year gift!

This one goes out for all the teachers, tutors, and educators of all sorts! A craft to give thanks for those who gave their time to teach you or your family how to be smarter, think for yourself and or become an independent strategist. This is a gift worth giving. One they want and don’t know they do until you give it to them.IMG_6544

supplies you need to create this masterpiece are!

  • a small tin slightly shorter than crayons or one large enough for color pencils.
  • candy to fill them up with
  • crayons or color pencils
  • hot glue
  • box of new bic pens or capped pens
  • a bushel of pretty flowers cut 2″ down from each flower
  • floral tape
  • ribbon

steps to create the bouquet

  1.  glue your crayons to the tin
  2. wrap the tin with a nice bow tie
  3. fill the tin flush with candy
  4. uncap your pens and wrap the flower stem to the pen, stop just at the line of where your cap ends.
  5. recap all pens
  6. arrange your pretty bouquet
  7. give your gift away!

The cost to make this is about 10.00 dollars.  I recycled a twinings tea tin they are perfect for crayons.They do not have any sharp edges to deal with and I used a magnesium calm container (clean) for the color pencils. I think a cool bonus for this one is that the lid can still be used if you just want a creative capped jar. You can buy everything else you need at the dollar tree if you want or go bold with those Real to the touch flowers! They definitely add a beautiful touch! You will love making this craft so much that when you’re done you will want a rose pen for yourself too!  ( I used about 35 crayons on the tin and a few more with the pencils.) Good luck and get crafting!

#8 Coconut milk

I know, not everyone likes this flavor. Personally it is not my favorite but it truly is the lesser of non dairy evils. It works the best is found easiest and doesn’t taste like total crap. Oh did I mention you can buy it in a multitude of variations ( for example: vanilla flavor is the one I use, they have thick, thin, unflavored, sweetened, nut flavored you name it! Coconut milk has a light flavor which is why it is number 8 on our list of allergy free foods. so-delicious-coconut-milk-coupon

Ghee is #7 on our list!

download (2)This is not a snack. True, but I wanted to put this in because it is clarified butter which is good for baking, cooking and making dips and sauces for snack making. I have casein sensitivities. Clarified butter is butter that has been cooked to dissolve and then filter the casein protein out.  So if you have casein sensitivities this is a great alternative to butter. It is butter. it is just cooked and filtered. The taste is a bit different from butter but is is the next best thing. There are so many recipes including butter and this helps great!

# 6 on our Allergy free snacks list

Chocolate!download Newman’s own has made a nice bar of chocolate. It is very dark, rich and has a fantastic bite!These are allergy free but they are processed in a facility that uses dairy, eggs and wheat so if you are new to this thing this works but, it may have traces of allergy elements. I am sure there is a better one out there. I have not found it yet.  I am still fairly new to this whole process. I will make updates as I find them. For now, this is what I have found and it tastes great!

#5 On our allergy free list!

Our number 5 is dairy, egg and gluten free!Ok! Ice cream popsicles by so delicious are great. They taste as similar to actual thing as I think is possible. They definitely have a coconutty vanilla flavor covered in chocolate. The texture is perfect. I really think these are what you need when that ice cream monster comes out and will not be satisfied until you get it!download (2)


# 4 gluten free jerky!

81n5iq7zRyL._SX522_This is some great tasting jerky! You can even buy it at walmart. It does not say it is dairy free. I would check first but the ingredients don’t say egg or dairy in them but it does mention natural spices and flavors. Lets face it these probably aren’t the best choice but they are gluten free and delicious!

A true home spa day!

Do you need a spa day but loath the  diy food facials? I know I do. I also get tired of trying to book a day at the spa when they have minimal openings and  you want a full spa experience. So here’s how to make your own!First lets get started with a spa day plan.

  1. productth (5)
  2. aroma and sound
  3. food and drink
  4. room set up
  5. a luxurious robe
  6. an organized step by step process

#1 on our list will be the products we want to use. Typically, when you do a proper facial, you cleanse, tone and moisturize. You will definitely want to do something not in your daily routine so it feels like a spa day. Try using a mud mask , acid peel  , detox bath or maybe even a remineralizing bath! I do recommend that it is organic. A little note:  A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces and an absorption rate of 100% for underarms and genitalia. And another peer-reviewed study showed 100% absorption for fragrance ingredients. I would watch what I put on my skin organic is best! th (9)

#2 You have to choose your aroma and music! I will use essential oils, potpourri or wait for a beautiful breezy rainy day and open the windows, which rain can also aid in sound! Music is pretty easy to find if you have calm music that’s great but if you are like me youtube has exquisite peaceful meditation, nature sounds, Celtic melodies, hypnotizers and pretty much anything you want.

#3 food and drink! fruit water is always the best choice or a hot cup of herbal tea if it is cold weather. A veggie tray, fruit sickles in the summer or maybe mini sandwiches for those friends of yours. Try to keep it light and organic.51orscKlGTL



#4 The room set up.This is up to you if you are entertaining. I will light unscented candles.I put my towels in the crock pot to get them warm. The facial steam is one of my favorites so having a double boiling pot on the stove is nice. If you are entertaining you can buy a plug in burner for cheap and display it that way. plenty of plush white towels rolled up is a classic design. Maybe some flowers or pebbles to set the tone. If you really want to go all out you can buy apothecary jars and fill them with soaps, salt, and sponges. Now, I think you are set to spa it up.

#5 the robe, it is all about comfort and a robe just sets the feel of spa day! Don’t forget flipflops , so you don’t ruin that pedicure.

#6  Finally,We are ready for spa day! This is just routine for me, but if you are new you might need to list the order of each step needed to be taken for a successful spa day. so here goes

  1. cleanse with you everyday facial cleanser to get the extra oil off.
  2. exfoliate the dead skin.
  3. use a toner,mask or acid peel.In this step you can peel then use a mask which is what I love to do, but if you exfoliate a peel may be too strong. Tip: if your using activated charcoal or a seaweed wrap wait 45 mins before you wash it off.
  4. A bath, in this step you can use a remineralizing bath or a detox bath please wait at least a couple of days to a week between each. In this step you may also wear the facial.
  5. The hair, yes you just soaked in the bath but you hair is a different process from your skin. We like to put in warm oil and put it in a bun during our next step then rinse it out with cold water so it holds it’s shine!
  6.  pedicures are a great to do while you wait for your hair mask to set. a pedicure is basic spa knowledge. Soak your feet, scrub the bottoms with a pumice, put lotion on the feet, then work on the toe nails.
  7. let your skin breathe! don’t put on make up until you read a good book or after you have relaxed and taken in the music and aroma. This is the definition of woosahhh!

Here is a list of a few things you might want to findth (4)

  1. mud mask
  2. acid peel
  3. detox bath soap
  4. remineralizing sea salt bath
  5. the tea pot shown

#3 On our allergy free list!

51LgS6+W9RLThese are great! they are made in both crunchy and soft. I enjoy the soft ones and my husband loves the crunchy cookies! I haven’t checked out the other brands yet but these double chocolate definitely satisfy the taste buds.

# 2 on our allergy free snack list…

31kWr2w5wUL._SL500_AA300_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_AA300_SH20_  Zico’s non- chocolate milk! It is made up of coconut and cocoa. This tastes great. I do not like coconuts but, this is delicious especially when you really crave a good cup of chocolate milk. It also isn’t full of junk like the others I have found!